My Latest Obsession

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Starbucks and all of the heavenly concoctions it is famous for. It offers so many unique drinks, which contributes to its status as a cult favorite. I am a self proclaimed Starbucks junkie; I’ve tried nearly everything on their regular menu. Recently, I decided to give some of the items on their secret menu a try. After spending some time researching the secret menu online, I stumbled upon something called the Thin Mint Frappuccino. My favorite Girl Scout cookie combined with my favorite drink? There was no chance of me NOT ordering it. This was probably the best decision I could’ve made because this frap was absolutely scrumptious. Broken down, it’s a green tea frappuccino with chocolate chips, mocha syrup, and a pump of peppermint (your barista may not know what a thin mint frap is). The mocha and peppermint elements give a normal green tea frappuccino a refreshing twist while the chocolate chips are just another little indulgence. Top it off with whipped cream, and you’ll be left with heaven in a cup. If this hasn’t been enough to convince you to go out and get one right now, I’d just like to add that you’ll sound like a pro ordering one of these babies. Why not spoil yourself a little? You deserve it!